Summer Wax Melt Snapbars

  • Summer Wax Melt Snapbars
  • Summer Wax Melt Snapbars
  • Summer Wax Melt Snapbars
  • Summer Wax Melt Snapbars

A limited-edition range of summer wax melts, available in three delicious scents. Pick your favourites from the drop-down menu. Or, buy the whole collection for only £10 on another listing.

Coconut Island:
Lying on the beach with the sand between your toes, you look up to see palm trees lining the golden beach, brimming with ripe coconuts. There's a gentle breeze as you hear the ocean waves lapping onto the shore of this tropical paradise.
This fresh and creamy aroma features coconut with a tropical twist. This scent lies on a base of sweet vanilla, with a heart of coconut encased by soft almond and peach, topped with juicy pineapple.

Tropical Shores:
Ocean waves and sandy beaches make way for the tropical forest that lies ahead. A bright rainbow of luscious fruits peaks through the greenery. The glistening sunlight creates a pathway into the paradise as birds sing in the skies above.
This refreshing citrus aroma features juicy mango and zesty lime. This scent has a core of mango, Thai lime and pineapple that leads onto a top of lemongrass and Italian lemon.

Strawberry Fields:
As you wander along the straw path of the luscious strawberry fields, you see red gems peeking through the leaves, ready to be picked. There is a sweetness in the air as you begin filling your basket with ripe fruit.
This aroma takes the sweetness of strawberries, mixed with the tartness of rhubarb to create a deliciously fruity scent. This scent lies on a base of vanilla and cedar, with a heart of strawberry and raspberry, topped with pink rhubarb.

All my wax melts are hand-poured in small batches in Dorset, UK and made from 100% soy wax blend. I am fully CLP compliant for your peace of mind. These wax melts contain some natural mica and biodegradable glitter for that extra sparkle. They are packaged in my brand new packaging, recyclable clamshells, which are made from 86% recycled plastic.